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Paint or Wrap? Wrapping with the glossiest material on the market - INOZETEK

The wrap industry is full or materials making claims of being the best, the most vibrant, the glossiest, the strongest, the most user friendly and other claims. So when the new brand Inozetek started to gain traction for being the glossiest on the market we were paying close attention. When trying new material you really have to be careful, non proven products create a major concern for liability especially when installing on a high end car. So we reached out to a good friend of ours and laid out the disclaimer with a considerable discount of course and we had our first wrap with the new product booked.

Learning Curve! This material was different than anything we had installed in the shop but had some properties that slowly made the team fall in love with the material. The material is thick and was by no means easy to install but the ability to shrink and conform while also staying true to its glossy calling card was something we had never seen.

After a few days of installing the product we were sold, the wrap was not only the glossiest we had worked with but the color was really going to get some attention. in the end we had a new favorite choice for gloss material and a customer who can not take his eyes off his ride.

Vehicle Wrap Details:

  1. Material - Inozetek Acid Green

  2. Vehicle - BMW e92 M3

  3. Original color - White

  4. Timeline - 5 days

  5. Price - $3,200

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